Parent Involvement

Family involvement in education has many proven benefits. 

Talk to your child's teacher as to how you can volunteer your time in the classroom. No matter what your skills, there is something your family can offer. Your child and their teacher will be very grateful.

Some examples of what you can do in your child's class

  • Listen to children read
  • Read to children
  • Tell stories
  • Make a tool box
  • Cooking with the kids
  • Help with daily fruit (in pre-primary and kindergarten)

What Are the Benefits of Parent Involvement in Schools?


Benefits for Children

  • Improved attitude to school
  • Improved attendance
  • Better understanding of homework


School Benefits

  • Higher achievement from students
  • Improved attendance
  • Community has a greater understanding of what happens in school

Teacher Benefits

  • Better communication with parents
  • Teachers understand parents better and what parents want for their child
  • Different skills to help the children learn
  • More hands to help! 

Benefits to Parents

  • Better understanding of what's going on in their child's education
  • Better idea of how to help their child to learn at home
  • Have some fun!